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// No file param specified
if (!isset($_GET['url'])) {
"<h1>No page URL specified</h1>\n";

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$dir = dirname($_GET['url']);

// Fix SourceForge environment

// Some dir was present in the filename
if (!empty($dir) && !preg_match("!^(\\.|/)$!", $dir)) {

// Check if the specified dir is valid
$legal_dirs = array(
"/reserved"  => 1
  if ((isset(
$legal_dirs[$dir])) && strpos($dir, "..") === FALSE) {
$page_name = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $_GET['url'];
  } else {
$page_name = FALSE; }
} else {
$page_name = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/' . basename($_GET['url']);

// Provide some feedback based on the file found
if (!$page_name || @is_dir($page_name)) {
"<p>Invalid file or folder specified</p>\n";
} elseif (
file_exists($page_name)) {
highlight_php(join("", file($page_name)));
} else {
"<p>This file does not exist.</p>\n";


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      <td width="470" colspan="2" class="simpletext">You may also be interested in
        the following files, which complete the Netcat website:<br>
          <li><a href="/source.php?url=/reserved/header.inc">header.inc</a><br>
          <li><a href="/source.php?url=/reserved/navbar.inc">navbar.inc</a><br>
          <li><a href="/source.php?url=/reserved/misc.inc">misc.inc</a><br>
          <li><a href="/source.php?url=/reserved/VERSIONS.inc">VERSIONS.inc</a><br>
          <li><a href="/source.php?url=/reserved/NEWS.inc">NEWS.inc</a><br>

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You may also be interested in the following files, which complete the Netcat website:

Giovanni Giacobbi
E-Mail: My email address
This page was last updated on January, 23rd 2004

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