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"2002-08-22 23:47",
"Released major Netcat version 0.6.0",
"A new major Netcat version has been released after the summer vacations (Yes, I enjoyed them).<br>
This new version introduces many improvements that should be tested a lot. Check out the Release
Notes for more information.<br>
Also the website has been updated with a new download page.<br>"

"2002-06-12 10:30",
"New homepage",
"The previous homepage was really too sad, that's why it had a very short life.<br>
I've been rewriting this site with a different idea in mind. Now it should be good-looking enough to
stick at it for some time.<br>
Check it out. Your opinions are welcome in this news' forum.<br>"

"2002-06-09 06:02",
"Netcat has now an official home page",
"I finally wrote a first home page as a reference for all the GNU Netcat users.<br>
You can find the homepage at the following URL:<br>
<a href=\"http://netcat.sourceforge.net/\" target=\"_new\" class=\"news_text\">http://netcat.sourceforge.net/</a><br>
It's a pretty simple home page but it is useful to easily keep track of the latest releases.<br>
If you want to contribute some web design graphics or HTML code please contact me.<br>

"2002-05-15 14:22",
"GNU Netcat has entered the beta phase",
"Since version 0.4, The GNU Netcat is labeled as beta software, with improved features and stability.<br>
Download and test a lot, and please use the Sourceforge's tools for bug reporting and features requests instead
of mailing directly to me (this allows a better bug tracking policy).<br>"

"2002-05-02 14:17",
"GNU netcat 0.3 development started",
"The heavy development for netcat 0.3 started today and will take some time to be finished as the core
of the project needs to be fully rewritten.<br>
Until next release, CVS will contain high development code and may not work or even compile!
I suggest to use the latest alpha release instead.<br>"

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